Bisoft specializes in support and project management from the initial to the final project phase. Specializing in Microsoft technologies, Bisoft has the talent and certifications that have given it an important place in the public sector as well as in the world of business and SMEs.

We offer you:

  • Training: our team is qualified to train you on the new tools put in place
  • Advice
  • Quality service provision
  • Solutions maintenance
  • A helpdesk

Mobility and cloud solutions

Although the Cloud presents a major opportunity for companies and government departments and helps increase flexibility and reduce costs, it also raises issues about security management.
We support your cloud projects from the point of analysis to the implementation and maintenance of solutions, paying particular attention to the security of your data.

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Office 365

Office 365 is a Microsoft Cloud solution that makes online services available. With the help of Office 365, an entity will be able to offer all its employees simplified access, wherever they may be, to all Office tools via PC, phone or tablet.

The Cloud offering is modular and requires no internal infrastructure on the customer’s premises. Office 365 means all your favourite applications available on all your devices.
Specialists in the migration to Office 365, we have installed this solution for many customers, who have all been extremely satisfied with the benefits and facilities provided by Office 365.

6 reasons for using Office 365:

  • Easy to use: there is no need to adapt to a new way of working. Your employees continue to work on the programs they have always used, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. In addition, the latest versions are updated automatically.
  • Mobility: using Office 365 means that distance is no longer a problem. Your employees can access, even offline, all the company’s documents and edit them at the same time. You can access all your files from your computer as well as from your tablet or smartphone.
  • Sharing: Everyone works together. Documents and calendars can be shared for high productivity.
  • 100% safe, 100% confidential: A large number of security and confidentiality safeguards, going well beyond the minimum requirements, mean that you are always in control of your data.
  • Flawless reliability: your customers demand constant availability? It is possible because Office 365 offers 99.9% availability thanks to the distribution of Microsoft advanced data centres worldwide. One of the centres is down? Another takes over immediately.
  • Reduced costs, high efficiency: by working on the cloud, you no longer have to maintain a server. In addition, Microsoft manages it but it is you that makes the decisions through a highly intuitive and particularly powerful console.
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The SharePoint solution is an extremely well supplied product that can offer you a very wide range of features and will cover the main requirements of a company.

With SharePoint Online, users can collaborate very effectively in order to share and edit their documents.

The familiar appearance (Office) makes migration easy. However, the use and translation of functional and structural needs of the business can be difficult to translate into an IT process.

Migration to Sharepoint

Bisoft therefore offers coaching formulas. Using a coach is a way of overcoming any difficulties; the coach will support you during your project to ensure the proper management and optimum use of the platform.

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  • Needs analysis and appropriate proposals
  • Installation and migration to the SharePoint platform
  • Configuration of the SharePoint platform
  • Customizing the platform with the assistance of SharePoint Designer
  • Technical Audit

Skype for business

Microsoft now provides an efficient and effective system for communicating in real time. With the Microsoft Skype for Business server, communication in your company can now evolve.

We offer seminars, training sessions and demonstrations to show you the advantages of such a system. Integration with Exchange, SharePoint and Office enhances the user experience we will be able to bring to your employees.

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